Unite Nepal is a UK structured organisation has been running since 2017.

Originally set up to assist the homeless children of Kathmandu that were ‘glue sniffing’ a glue named dendrite that was placed in a bag and inhaled. This caused terrible headaches and psychotic behaviour. Unite Nepal has grown into a large worldwide team of support as found in the ‘about us’ page. We have been assisting in many areas of need over the years mainly in food programmes including constructing community kitchen, supplying and installing school kitchens, family food programmes, community work. We have assisted in the medical sector assisting the completion of community medical centre, medical care and treatment. We started a small sports foundation supplying sports equipment to the needy children so that they could enjoy sport. Schools and education in rural areas have always been a large part of Unite Nepal’s programmes and have assisted with libraries and books and educational materials and uniforms for the children. We have also arranged for individual sponsorship for some of the local children so that they can get a good education and food for the family etc. Good interaction with their sponsor by video chat is so uplifting.

Unite Nepal is always under resourced and so always in need of support if we are to grow and help more children and families. Our rice bag pledge is the most popular and one 25 kg bag of rice goes a long way each month. Please see our ‘support us’ page. Unite Nepal has a volunteer programme tailored to suit certain needs and has a lovely newly refurbished Guesthouse called ‘Palms Cottage’ Volunteers are welcome at any time of the year and particularly at harvest times. Please see our ‘volunteer’ page. We have been able to complete projects over the years in Nepal only with your help, please see our ‘projects’ page. If you would like to volunteer with us or just be involved please contact us. Thank you and love to everyone that has been involved with our cause.