“Grow with us”

A message from  Unite-Nepal

Unite nepal formed in 2018 is based in Nepal and on the site of our projects. We welcome our supporters to grow with us. Come and visit and be as involved as possible. It’s not just about the money but personal contact and development.

Unite Nepal are based in Lamjung, Nepal very close to the all the projects that we support. We are hands on and therefore very well placed to witness change and also that the money and support ends up in the right place. There are no directors wages and bonuses to pay which means that all the money and support goes where it should. We urge our supporters to come and visit us and witness first hand how we run. Come and speak with the children, people, volun-teers, the schools etc. We want you to ‘grow with us’

At our homestay volunteers will be involved with and learn to organically grow and harvest sea-sonally vegetables, rice, potatoes etc, this a new part of our ‘agritourism’ programme. Also milk-ing our buffalo, ploughing with ox and getting very involved with cooking in our lovely new com-munity kitchen using our home grown products. Our homestay is very close to our projects so the children are on hand every day.

Please sign up and come and see us. If you can’t get here then please support us in any way you can. Our facebook page: Unite Nepal. Instagram: leeunitenepal and website: unite-nepal.com will continuously update. So please E

Mail your interest to: unitenepal150@gmail.com. ‘walk with us’, ‘build with us’ all details are on our website. Hope to see you soon.

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