Meet the team!

Lee Williams

Lee has had a varied career. Touring professional tennis coach for many years, working overseas with 3 ex-wimbledon champions. Property developing and restauranter to councellor. After selling his business in 2013 started volunteering in drugs and alcohol recovery after the death of his wife some years before. He went on to do this work full time for 4 years before coming to Nepal in 2017. During this time he met with Jane Doherty running U-Turn a rehab centre in London for homeless men and she later became a co-founder with him of Unite Nepal.

Lees vision has inspired so many over the years and his lifetime of leadership has meant never being in any fear of risk. As he says “if you don’t try then you wont know, will you” It is because of this attitude that he was able to embark on this mission in Nepal and be able to make such decisions taking full responsibility himself and now making such a difference to hundreds of peoples lives. Please read his story on our website.

Jane Doherty (co founder)

Jane has run U-Turn in London for over 22 years. A homeless project for adult males that are clean from addiction. She now houses in her projects and has pioneered the safety of over 50 men. She has templated a formula that gets people off the street without draining resources and budgets. Jane met with Lee during 2014 and Lee was putting his clients into U – Turn many of which have been great success stories.

Jane has supported Lee and Unite Nepal from the start and was very happy to be a part of the foundation set up in Nepal. She has been out with her husband Mark and continues to help in every way possible. Jane is a valuable member of Unite Nepal

Umika Subedi (manager)

Umika is a unique story and is testament that with the right support she has been able to change her own life. She has been the victim of horrendous domestic violence and has risen 2 children from living on the streets. Umikas story will feature in our website very soon and is a typical story of the abuse that happens with very little or no intervention. She now manages and co-ordinates Unite Nepal’s food runs and contact with the schools.

Umika will very often be found on the bus with kilos of rice and food in case of emergency. Because of what she has been through in her life she could not have a better understanding of the poverty that these children and families endure. Umika has been with Unite Nepal since 2018 and a most valuable member of our team.

Kelly Federle & J Reilly

Kelly has been a Registered Nurse for 25 years. In that time she has spent her entire career working with high risk populations in the community. Additionally, Kelly is activity seeking her PhD in Global Healthcare.

J: J owns a home inspection company by day and is an artist and photographer by night. J has spent his entire career working residential and commercial construction. J has travelled the world in search of capturing the true culture and urban decay through the lens of his camera.
Kelly and J reside in Connecticut with their collective children and their dogs.

After traveling to Nepal together last year they felt nothing short of a calling to do anything they can to help the beautiful Nepalese people. J and Kelly met Unite Nepal’s found Lee Williams on a visit to Pokhara. During that time they spent many hours talking about the work of Unite Nepal and knew they had to get involved. Since then and many more conversations later Kelly and J have committed to being Unite Nepal’s American Patrons where they will share our mission and promote our programs. They look forward to many return trips to offer hands on help.

They can be reached via email at


Momo is from India and a scholar of Sociology and Developed studies with keen interest in Writing. For her nature is what she survives on, so she gave her life to it and serving it.

Traveling is what she believes she was made for and research is what makes her who she is. For ten years she is working with social sector development and sustainability.
She has an initiative named GreenAmmo, which initiated in India that works towards sustainable waste management system all over the country. She calls herself ” A Wilful Rag-picker”, with pride.

Her trip to Nepal was for assisting an organisation called Child Welfare and Education through which she met, as she puts, ” A persona that is a perfect combination of humanity with humour, Lee Willams”. They shared extensive talks and common vision of human development. In the subsequent times they witnessed the expansion of Feed 100 to Feed 100+.

“All it took was hopping through the unpaved roads of Lamzung, Nepal, and food distribution in two schools for Unite Nepal. There couldn’t be a more honoured moment to be a patron for Unite Nepal and spread its activities in India. Need doesn’t know boundaries and neither does actions to fulfill those needs”, says Momo.

Kenny & Barbara

Kenny, originally from Scotland, has always enjoyed travelling, especially by motorcycle. Over the years he has worked in many different industries, including security, construction, transport and turism. Like many others he has had a few health scares which for him reinforces the belief that life should be full of ‘Just do it’ moments. He says “You never know what tomorrow may bring, so enjoy and live life to the fullest”.

Barbara, originally from Italy, started backpacking in her 20s and in truth has never really stopped. She is very passionate about helping people in need, especially children who do not have the opportunities she and her son have. After over 25 years of teaching languages, she decided to sell her language school to re-engage with her life long passions. Her motto is ‘Carpe Diem’.

Kenny, Barbara and her 14 year-old son Mattia, embarked on a 12 month backpacking/volunteering journey across the globe from Australia, where they live, to their homelands.  This was a long overdue reconnection with the spirit of adventure, minimalism and living outside one’s comfort zone that they missed and needed.

Meeting Lee and Umika in Pokhara kicked off their association with Unite Nepal, their involvement with the Feed 100+++ program and their friendship with the most adorable, loving children from the Lamjung area. They say that their time with the children, the school and with Lee and Umika has been one of the most rewarding times of their trip.

When they arrived back in Australia in January 2020 (just beat COVID) they were trying to think of a way in which they could continue to help from there. That is when Lee asked them to become the Australian patrons for Unite Nepal. They are very happy to take this position and represent Unite Nepal in Australia.

Lloyd Williams

Lloyd is a musician and has been coming to Nepal for the last 9 years performing on his tour. He came to Nepal with his Dad in 2017 and that is where Unite Nepal started to help the children in Kathmandu that are addicted to Glue Sniffing.

Rene Keser (associate)

Rene met with Lee two years ago in Kathmandu and they have been great friends since, sharing the need and desire to help as much as possible in Nepal. Rene is a valuable member of our team and puts in a great deal of time to construct and maintain the websites and up to date information necessary.

Rene is planning to spend a great deal of time at our projects and liase with our travelling volunteers and guests. A great deal of thanks goes to Rene and his continued support for Unite Nepal.