Shree Laxmi School

Madhya, Shyauli Bazaar, Lamjung ( 90 children )

Our first school that we sponsored was November 2018. It was on our first visit to this school that we were asked to help with books and educational equipment. We were offered a nice lunch with the teachers and I looked outside and enquired as to where the children were having their lunch. I was informed “oh no they don’t eat during the day” as you can imagine I was horrified and could not eat any more of my lunch, in fact I was quite upset. I then asked the teachers where we could put in a small kitchen.

We located a room and so the story begins. We bought rice cooker, gas hobs and all the pots and pans and bowls, cutley etc. We then went back to the school a week later with all of this and 100 kilos of rice, 25 kilos of soya, 50 kilos of dahl, salt,oil, masala, washing up soap. We then had our first beautiful day feeding these children and all of the food that we brought would last a month. We pledged from that day to make sure that these children would never go hungry during the day.



Adres: Madhya, Shyauli Bazaar, Lamjung