‘Rice bag’ pledge for “feed 100 +”

Currently we are sponsoring 3 schools with over 150 children with our project feed “100 +”. We are about to take on a new school with 25 more children in January 2021.


It looks like we will be taking on many more schools in the Lamjung region. In order to do this we are asking you to join our ‘rice bag’ pledge. We are currently at capacity ourselves and so with your help we can venture to feed more children every day.

Our ‘rice bag’ pledge costs 15 US dollars for a 25 kilo bag of rice per month. We are looking for sponsors but even if we get pledges just for 1 month of rice of 15 dollars it makes a huge difference. We now need 6 more sponsors for rice bags. For information 1 kilo of rice feeds 1 child per month. The diet consists of Dhal, soya. But with the rice we can plan.

More to say...

Please join our rice bag pledge.

We need your help.