Are you a volunteer?

Volunteers always needed . Would you like to volunteer with us. ?

If you would like to join us then please send a brief resume of yourself, when you would like to come over and your expectation.
Please send E mail to:

What we can offer you

If you come and join us, we offer a full itinerary. However some volunteers require a more tailored programme and so we are always open for discussion on our volunteer programmes and the lovely thing is that all our volunteers can choose how much time they wish to devote to our programmes and how much personal time is required. Please let us know well in advance your requirements and commitment in certain areas.

  • Airport collection directly to our project
  • Newly renovated Palms Cottage Guest House accommodation with Full board meals
  • “Walk with us” programme with the children of our community
  • Working and teaching in the local village schools
  • Working in our community kitchen helping with meals
  • Helping with our community medical centre and outreach work
  • Join our feed 150 programme
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

‘Grow with us’ and ‘Walk with us’

Unite Nepal are based in Lamjung, Nepal very close to the all the projects that we support. We are hands on and therefore very well placed to witness change and also that the money and support ends up in the right place. There are no directors wages and bonuses to pay which means that all the money and support goes where it should. We urge our supporters to come and visit us and witness first hand how we run. Come and speak with the children, people, volunteers, the schools etc. We want you to ‘grow with us’

At  Palms Cottage Guesthouse volunteers will be on-sight and  involved with and learn to organically grow and harvest seasonal vegetables, rice, potatoes etc, this a new part of our ‘agritourism’ programme. Also milking our buffalo, ploughing with ox and getting very involved with cooking in our lovely new community kitchen using our home grown products. Palms Cottage Guest House is within the grounds of our projects so the children are on hand every day.

Please sign up and come and see us. If you can’t get here then please support us in any way you can. Our facebook page: Unite Nepal. Instagram: unitenepal150 and website: will continuously update. So please E-Mail your interest to: ‘walk with us’, ‘build with us’ grow with us’ all details are on our website. Hope to see you soon.

  • Help with children’s individual learning needs
  • Teach in our local schools
  • Working with our harvesting and farming projects
  • Introducing skills: dance, art, drawing, reading, exercise, meditation, teaching
  • Learning new skills such as Buffalo and Ox ploughing, crops, local cooking, cultural dance, teaching


Please contact us on with details and estimated time of year you wish to come. Also we will take some small groups and students so will be able to offer discounts.

we will respond very quickly with a costing for you. However we are not responsible for flights but can recommend airlines and agents to you,.

Where are you staying